Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Unread Love Letter

This morning while I was sitting in the back of the church service with the rest of the youth group I was listening to our Pastor talk. It was then he made a comment about the idea of a 'spiritual bucket list' - the things we want to do in terms of our walk with Christ before we go to heaven. He mentioned one idea that really struck me: Reading the entire Bible. While I'm sure many of us hold the Bible as very important, there are a vast many of us who have never come close to reading all of it. 'One day' we find ourselves saying, (myself included).
But something our Pastor went on to say, really spoke to me. He said "How would you like to be face to face with God after you've died and him say 'I wrote you an entire love letter - why didn't you read it?'
And that's so incredibly right. God loves us so much that He gave us His word. He didn't just give it to us so it could collect dust. It is for us to read. And even more to the point, He didn't just give us one verse. He didn't even highlight ones saying 'These are the important ones - only read these'. No, He gave us the entire word. Front to back. Genesis to Revelation.
It's a gift. A gift of love. And in many cases, it remains an unread love letter. Shouldn't we at least read it?


  1. Great reminder, Beth! Do you have a plan in mind for your reading, such as beginning at the New Year and reading all the way through next year? Or is this a longer-term goal?

  2. Sorry I just got this! I was thinking of doing a a Bible in the year plan, but right now I'm reading 1 Timothy. I found a website though that has a lot of different Bible in a year plans (such as straight through, or New and Old testament at the same time etc.) which i think i might do!